Winning with Water wise Gardening

t’s the new buzz word! It’s what wars will be fought over! Our most precious resource water, and the security thereof. So how can the average garden enthusiast assist? Perhaps they are one of the most crucial in the whole water security chain.

Firstly, plant plants which are suitable to the area and will be able to survive periods without additional water. You don’t necessarily have to plant all succulents, but rather see which species are endemic to the local landscape.

Secondly ensure that the soil has sufficient water holding capacity for the plants you have selected. Organics can be added to supplement the retention process. Look at the landscape around to see what is flourishing, and see if those plants cannot be incorporated into your landscape.

If the landscape is big enough, trees will obviously reduce the water usage of the landscape as a whole, however shade loving plants are generally more thirsty than their sun loving counterparts.

We are spoilt for choice in which plants to use in our water wise landscape. The cool thing is that, if correctly selected, they will also reduce maintenance costs.

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