Water Features

One of the major aspects of creating the garden of your dreams is the hard landscaping, and one of the most beautiful and intriguing of these is a beautiful water feature.

WaterFeatures Positioning of the water feature is essential. Care must be taken that if is under trees that the necessary precautions be taken to minimise the effects of the falling leaves. It should be placed taking into consideration your specific needs. Do you like the sound of water or just looking at the water moving? Do you want it as a focal point? Make sure that if you do decide to have it as a focal point that it looks good whether operating or not. Do you want fish or are you going to use chemicals to keep it clean? A dam should be at least 1m deep to keep the Algae and reeds at bay.

Care must be taken that the feature be child proofed as much as possible. If it is a large dam the sloping sides should be of such a nature that a child or animal can easily walk out if it. If it is a large structure it must be stable enough that a child cannot pull it over. If it is a wall feature it must be secured enough that it will not fall off and cause possible injury.

A lot of thought needs to go in to how the feature is to be sealed. There are a lot of fantastic products out there. Bare in mind that it will never be 100% sealed and that most water features which are mass produced will splash on the surrounding areas.

The size of the pump is critical to the success of the project. Always rather over spec. Let a qualified electrician do the connections and any lighting you may require. The feature will then not only add value to your property but provide you with years of joy.