Versailles – How to get your own garden theme from the Landscape Masters

There are many distinct landscape themes which make Versailles unique. Using one or two of the techniques in your own garden, will go a long way to creating a garden themed on that of one of the Masters.

Courtesy of Pintrest

No matter how big or small the area, a little piece of Versailles theme can be incorporated. Clipped hedges, water features, concrete hard landscaping, gravel paths, boxed trees and formality are all the rule of thumb.

If space is an issue, then clipped hedges, with a small water feature and gravel will do the trick. For larger landscapes, boxed trees in clumps, water features, even dams all designed formally ( balance on both sides of the axis)

Courtesy of Pintrest

Clean lines, with the hint of extravagance, is what is required. Edging and subtle concrete features (even terracotta pots) can be used. If the famous Orangery is to be copied, large square wooden pots with Citrus trees are to be used. Lavender can be incorporated abundantly.

Courtesy of Pintrest

All features should obviously be in a French style, From the lights/lanterns to the choice of pots or statues. Brown gravel can be used to bring the entire landscape together.

Courtesy of Pintest