Trees in the landscape

Probably the biggest feature in any landscape, and probably the one that is given the least thought to when planted. They are almost fundamental in any landscape design, as they provide the feature, the shade, the backdrop and the drama.

Careful consideration should be given when choosing which tree to plant, and where. Ideally it should be water wise and indigenous. Do you require color, or is it more functional for shade and screening.

As gardens get smaller, smaller breeds are becoming increasingly popular, and some larger trees are becoming more difficult to come by.

The root structure should be an important consideration too. Obviously roots that can damage structures or drainage should be avoided or the roots contained, however consideration should be given to the environmental factors too, as to whether they will support the tree in strong winds, etc.

If a clever choice is made the reward will be life long! The benefits of a well thought out placed tree can never be over emphasized. Happy planting!!!