Tree Planting and Selection

Let Catscapes Landscapes create the garden of your dreams with some tips on tree planting and selection. Perhaps the most important and long lasting decision that you will make in creating the garden of your dreams is which tree to plant and where. As the trees mature they will become increasingly more expensive to remove. There was a move recently to create semi-instant effects in landscapes by planting large clumps of trees together and then thinning out as the trees grew larger. Fortunately this trend has changed as it becomes increasingly more expensive to remove larger trees.

The type of tree should be given careful consideration. In our maintenance free gardens most people tend toward evergreen trees. This is perhaps a bit of a misnomer as most trees shed at least some of their leaves throughout the year. There is also nothing more romantic than a carpet of leaves on the ground heralding the coming of winter. There is a wide variety of indigenous and exotic trees to choose from. With the majority now living in smaller areas choose a tree to suit your needs. A slow growing small tree is ideal for a large town house garden and will not only screen the neighbours but will provide an ideal habitat for any birds in the area. Check what kind of fruiting habit the tree has, as there is nothing more frustrating than fruits which stain in a small area.

Let Catscapes Landscapes take care of your larger trees by trimming off the lower branches and managing any pest infestations. Aphids are a large problem for trees on the Highveld and with our special pesticide remedies we will quickly have them under control.

Let Catscapes Landscapes plant the tree for you as the preparation is vital for any degree of success with this project. A large hole should be dug and the soil should be loosened. Never dig a round hole in clay type soil as this will “Bonsai” the tree as the roots will go around in circles rather than spread out.

Let Catscapes Landscapes create the garden of your dreams.