The Gardens of Versailles – Famous gardens of the Master Landscapers series

The garden of Versailles occupy part of which was once the Royal Chateau of Versailles. The gardens occupy about 800 hectacres, most of which is landscaped in the French formal garden style perfected by Andre Le Notre.

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In addition to the meticulous manicured lawns, parterres and sculptures are the famous fountains, which are located throughout the garden.

There are over 200 000 trees in the gardens and over 210 000 flowers are planted annually.

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The water features consist of over 50 fountains and 620 water jets which are fed by 35 kilometres of piping.

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In 1662 existing bosquets and parterres were expanded and new ones werre created. The Orangery and the “Grotte de Thetys” were created. The world famous Orangery was designed by Louis Le Vau, and was located on the natural slope of the hill, which provided a protected area in which the oranges could be kept during the winter months.

The Grand Canal, with a length of 1500 metres and a width of 62 metres was built between 1668 and 1671 and prolongs the east-west axis. It was designed to host boating parties. It was also practical in use, and collected all the water from the surrounding highlands, which was then pumped back up hill.

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