Spring Gardens

To create the garden of your dreams, now is the time to plan your Spring garden for a beautiful season ahead. Check your irrigation system, book your scarifying and top dressing from Catscapes Landscapes as well as the composting of the beds. Roses should be pruned and the aphids in the Conifers should be treated by Catscapes Landscapes.

Your colours for the season should be selected. A colour wheel is useful in this regard as it will allow you to balance the garden and create focal points using colour.

Any new features (water, statues, benches, etc ) should be selected and installed. Catscapes Landscapes should be used as they will prevent costly design errors and provide ease of service.

Care must be taken to select and plant the correct trees and that they are placed correctly to prevent unnecessary expense in the future.

Lawn care is essential to the garden of your dreams. A correct maintenance schedule needs to be followed.

It is a very exciting time of year where the foundations for the year ahead are laid. If done properly years of enjoyment will be gained from following some basic but essential foundational steps.