Rose Pruning Time

As July draws to an end, excitement in the garden starts to build! The shortest days and longest night of winter are gone and slowly we start to creep toward warmer weather again. Roses pruned now will provide a beautiful show in early summer when colours and perfumes are richest.


Where to begin? With thick sticks and thin ones, old ones and new ones, what to cut and what to leave? Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think! If you have a very big bush bushy plant first cut off the tops to about hip height so that it is easier to see what is going on. (remember that the same rules apply for rose pruning of standards but the bush only starts at the top of the main stem). Next it’s time to take a closer look at the stems you have left – here is a quick checklist on what to remove (right down at the base)

  • Anything dead or diseased
  • Anything thinner than a pencil
  • Anything crossing another healthier stem.

By now you should be left with probably no more than five stems at the most, even one is fine. These remaining stems no need to be cut to the same height with a nice neat cut – each stem about 30cm long. Remove all leaves and little side shoots and clean away any dead leaves lying around the base that could be harbouring diseases.

Once everything is clean and neat you can spray with lime sulphur to kill off any pathogens. Give each plant a handful of rose fertilizer, mulch well with fresh mulch around the base and begin to water your roses regularly. Then it is time to sit back with a well deserved hot cup of tea and start dreaming of those prize-winning blooms that will be coming out of your garden in the not too distant future!
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