Revolutionary new wetting agents and soil conditioners to bullet proof your garden in times of stress (heat, drought and cold)

Let us apply our exciting revolutionary products which will bullet proof your plants against stressful conditions; especially during dry and hot climatic periods. 

Advanced technologies incorporating wetting agents and humic acid extracts are used to ensure that the plant is growing at it’s optimum. 

The applications not only condition the soil to ensure maximum water holding, but also influence the plant to slow down it’s evapotransporation rate.

The special blends are registered as fertilisers and wetting agents and by applying these will your garden not only be tolerant to radical climatic changes but they will eliminate the need for additional fertilisers.

The wetting agents are locally produced for local conditions. Invigorate your garden and give it the best chance of not only surviving but looking great through the different climatic conditions.

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