Re-doing an existing old garden

It is much easier to layout a new garden than to re landscape an existing one, however with Catscapes landscapes let us create the garden of your dreams. One is normally so influenced by the existing lay-out that a lot of creativity is needed to sweep aside the barriers and create something new and attractive.

The soil is often the first thing requiring attention. Often it is hard and neglected. Let Catscapes landscapes come and rejuvenate the soil by loosening and revitalising it.


The advantage of an existing garden is the mature look that it may have. It is very tempting to remove everything and start with a clean pallet however keeping some plants is often key in keeping that established look.

The beds will most probably have expanded exponentially forward and will have to be pushed back. Eliminate narrow beds and pathways that divide the garden.

There will most probably be bald patches in the shady areas in the lawn under the trees. Don’t try and replace the lawn but reshape the garden with ground covers to take it’s place.

Let Catscapes landscapes create the garden of your dreams whether from scratch or breathing life into an established one.