Monet’s Garden – How to get your own garden theme from the Landscape Masters

Monet’s garden is autonomous with vividly bright coloured planting, curved bridges and large reflective dams packed with water lilies. almost hap hazzard in design… a true artists garden.

Courtesy of Google

He used irises very effctively to create the dramatic bursts of colour. Amazingly they have te same “painted” effects in real life. Planted in dramatic rows he led the eye to the focal point or down a path.

Courtesy of Google

The large dams packed with waterlilies and willows dropping in is out of reach of the average gardener, however a small reflective pond, or even a large pot with water lilies in it will create a similar relaxing, reflective effect.

Arches can be used to great effect to tame the rambling creepers and give them structure. It is also the perfect way to create instant shade and height in a garden and three dimensional colour bursts.

Courtsey of Google