Monet’s Garden – Famous gardens of the Master Landscapers series

Claude Monet lived and painted in Giverny from 1883, where he directed the refurbishment of the villa and garden. He had the nearby Epte river deviated slightly for the gardens, and had seven gardeners maintaining the landscape. Much of his inspiration for his paintings was gained from the garden.

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Monet lived there for 43 years and created beautiful gardens, lily ponds and bridges which he later incorporated into his paintings. After his death in 1926 the garden was restored and neglected, but eventually in 1977 the then curator of the gardens at Versailles, played a pivotal role in restoring the gardens and house

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The gardens are divided into two distinct parts:

– The “Clos-Normand” was designed around Monets personal artistic taste, where he planted thousands of plants in straight lines.

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– In 1893 Monet bought another neighbouring prpoerty which he turned into a water garden by diverting the river Ru, which is where he planted and later painted his famous water lily picture

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