Landscaping Tips – Preparing for Spring

Colour is one of the most essential aspects to consider when revamping or starting the garden of your dreams. It can create areas of interest in what would otherwise be dull areas and can create excitement and allow your garden to “come alive” if used correctly. It does not have to be traditional annual plants which have to be changed seasonally, but rather the exciting new indigenous perennials. A colour wheel is a must to plan properly and while most people believe that any colour will go in a garden it makes such a difference if used correctly. Please don’t forget that the most important colour in the garden is actually green and the different shades along with the different textures can lead to new opportunities in what would otherwise be a bland landscape.


In most South African gardens the majority of the open space is taken up by lawn which ironically normally receives the least attention. If starting a new garden make sure that you go for a relatively maintenance free lawn (apart from cutting). Catscapes Landscapes can assist in tailoring the right lawn for your garden. Do not try and fight nature by growing lawn in dense shade as a lot of “snake oil” salesmen will try and sell you lawn that grows in deep shade. This is hardly possible in South Africa unless the area has no traffic and is not cut regularly. The secret to most lawn species is that they require morning sun to thrive. Scarifying and topdressing are essential for a healthy lawn for most species.

Let Catscapes Landscapes create ‘rooms’ in your garden which lead the visitor through different experiences even in the smallest area. Let Catscapes Landscapes create different focal points here the visitor always has a new point of interest. Statutes, water features, benches, bird baths, etc. are great for doing this.

Tree placement is always crucial as the expense to remove or replace far outweighs any” instant effect”. Careful thought should be given to the type of trees, what is needed from it and what it’s requirements are.

Catscapes Landscapes have a team of dedicated horticulturists who can assist you in creating the garden of your dreams