How to Water your garden

Watering is most probably the most important task undertaken in the South African garden, because without water the best prepared bed, or well fed plant would die. In this article, we explore how to water your garden. Unfortunately no amount of watering can make up for a good rain which can be seen anecdotally every time this happens. Whenever a shrub like a Camellia, drops its buds, one should check whether it is receiving sufficient water, and whenever plants are meant to thrive in the shade and do not it is usually due to a lack of water.


The problems of watering are usually compounded during periods of drought and excessive heat. Early Spring rains force the plants into luxuriant growth which are even less able to withstand drought than if the rains had not come. For large gardens it is impossible to water the entire area and sprinkling water on the plants usually does more harm than good, as it inhibits root growth. Shallow watering dries out quickly and therefore more if it is required.

The idea is to deeply soak so that watering is required less often (unless one is trying to cool the plant). Very few people have the time to soak their gardens and thus let Catscapes landscapes install the irrigation system that will allow you the flexibility to water your garden sufficiently. The finer spray of an irrigation system is also more efficient as it allows the water to penetrate the soil, and does not compact the soil or knock plants over.

A lot of people worry about over watering,, however this is seldom the plants downfall unless the medium in which the plant is growing is not allowed to dry our sufficiently. It is a mistake to water the soil if the surface is still wet.

The best time to water in summer is early morning or late evening. The water then has optimum time to enter the soil without being evaporated. The only danger is the water should not stand for 12 hours as this leads to fungus. The exception to this is roses who need to be watered and left to dry slightly.

One of the most effective ways to conserve your water and make watering effective is to apply mulch to the beds and pots. This comes in many forms form wood chips, Cocoa shells, leaves , compost, grass clippings pine needles or stones and gravel.

Let Catscapes landscapes create the garden of your dreams and make it as water efficient as possible.