How to start and plant a new garden

When one is confronted with a large piece of virgin ground, one must do the most important things first, so as to avoid being discouraged by the thought of everything that is to be done in the future. Let Catscapes landscapes take the chore out of your gardening and let us create the garden of your dreams.


Cut down all tall weeds and grass and create compost at the back of the property. Judiciously remove all trees which may be problematic in the future. These include blue gums, wattles and poplars. Prune other trees to neaten them up. Neglected fruit trees need attention such as fertilisers and cutting back. Don’t be sentimental about unsuitable trees. Save good looking indigenous trees.

The lay out of the garden should reflect the style and feel of the home. Lawn is of utmost importance at this stage to prevent erosion and dust and to create an illusion of maturity. Hedges and trees should be planted to make maximum use of time. The sense of urgency must not overshadow the interesting garden, which will fail to emerge because of the anxiety for neatness and speed.

Avoid these challenges and work within your budget by allowing Catscapes landscapes to create the new garden of your dreams.