How to grow vegetables

Let Catscapes Landscapes create the vegetable garden of your dreams. The best way to enjoy growing vegetables is to grow vegetables that are the family favourites or those that are hard to find or are expensive. As a rule vegetables need a sunny position, fertile well drained soil and regular watering.


Vegetables require well composted soil. If farmyard manure is available it is invaluable if dug into the soil. The exception to this is root vegetables. Inorganic chemical fertilisers can be used in conjunction to augment the organic manures. A balanced fertiliser should be selected. All leafy vegetables like lettuce, cabbage and Spinach need high nitrogen fertilisers, while those grown for fruits such as tomatoes, beans, peas or maize require phosphates and those root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes require Potassium.

Vegetables require a relatively large amount of water however through the clever use of mulches and composting this can be reduced.

Special care of weed maintenance must take place to ensure their management.

Let Catscapes landscapes assist with your crop rotation. Never plant the same vegetable twice consecutively on the same spot. Even vegetables of the same family should obey this rule as they are subject to the same diseases. Cabbage and potato families are particularly affected by this. Tomatoes and potatoes should not be planted together.

Let Catscapes landscapes create the vegetable garden of your dreams