Gardening when it is as hot as hell!

There is nothing quite as depressing as watching your precious garden wilt in the unbelievable heat and drought conditions, while the powers that be scramble for what went wrong and implement restrictions. There is a silver lining to all this and it’s time to stop fighting nature and rather work with her.


Plant correctly

Plant selection and positioning are imperative. We used to live on a large property and part of the planting strategy was based on a off the cuff comment Professor John Hanks (then CEO of WWF) made while visiting us, when he said the best plants whether indigenous or exotic for a big garden are those that can survive with relatively little maintenance or water for two months and can still recover even if they are not at their best the entire time. As with golf courses, a lot of our gardens have followed the high maintenance, high water usage, American route of being immaculate year round and we tend to forget the rugged beauty of the courses at the home of golf, Britain, or in gardening terms – the less organised English Country look. Let Catscapes landscapes assist on your planting needs.

Water Management

Mulch, mulch and mulch. Let’s use the water we are applying as effectively as possible. Use mulch to store the water in the medium and stop it from evaporating so fast. Now is the time to ensure that your irrigation system is 100% effective and that all the nozzles are correctly set. Let Catscapes landscapes assist in all your mulching and water management needs.

Water harvesting

When the rains do come it is essential that we harvest as much of the rain water and, or grey water for the gardens as possible. Let Catscapes landscapes install the system to suit your requirements.

Do not despair! Take this opportunity to sit on your patio and reassess your garden to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible while being as water efficient as it can. Maybe, now is also the time to install that long overdue water feature to cool the immediate surrounds, just like our forefathers did thousands of years ago. Let Catscapes landscapes create the waterwise garden of your dreams!