Gardening in Summer

What a fantastic time to be gardening. We have been blessed in Gauteng with the beautiful rains and the  cooler weather. Now is the time to spend outside enjoying your garden and preparing for the months ahead. If your garden needs some work let Catscapes landscapes create the garden of your dreams.


The lawns should be fertilised at this time and the roses fed. Keep the lawn cut at least once a week and the hedges trimmed. Spike the lawn if necessary to avoid it becoming spongy. Check that the irrigation system is serviced and working correctly as there are still water shortages. Water late evening or early morning should you ned to. Mulch, mulch , mulch. This will not only keep out the weeds but help with water conservation.

The bugs and fungus are also going mad so watch for them and if you have to spray judiciously. Healthy plants suited to the environment should not need too much assistance. Fairy Ring in lawn which appears as large circles with fruiting bodies of mushrooms should be monitored. Continue to dead head the roses.

Start planning for the seasonal change so that winter does not sneak up and that you have a beautiful garden throughout the year. Now is the time to add that feature as a focal point. Arches and statues are very trendy and can create the ideal vista.

It really is a great time to be outdoors and enjoying the fruits of your labour and should you wish to revamp or redo your garden let Catscapes landscapes do the work for you. Happy gardening