Gardening in difficult conditions

With the unusual weather conditions throwing our usual gardening habits into turmoil, it is important to stay the course and not get despondent. It is also important that to minimise the effect going forward we must plant sensibly and never forget we are living in a semi arid country. Let Catscapes landscapes create the garden of your dreams which will suit the usual and most of the unusual environmental conditions.

Hail damage

A lot of areas have been affected by the devastating hail storms which seem to effect isolated areas, and reek havoc and devastation on the garden. Rake all the debris after the storm....this makes excellent compost. Prune back roses. Cut back all soft plants which are badly damaged. Remove any excess ice as soon as possible. Water the areas once the clean up is complete, as even with all the hail, very little water is normally available to the plants . Loosen compacted areas.

Heat and drought

Plant selection is vital. Water wherever possible and cool the area if water is available. Mulch is an invaluable resource. Make sure the plants are healthy and that root growth is encouraged during the cooler periods by applying the right fertilisers

Obviously during the excessive climatic conditions the lawns have taken strain. Those that scarified will start reaping the true benefits as the rains start being consistent. Fertilising to promote root growth is essential during this period for beautiful lawns

Let Catscapes landscapes create the gardens of your dreams best suited to these conditions.