Easter Gardening with the Children

Easter is the best time to be in the garden with the children.

Make or buy an Easter basket now that can be filled daily with their own home grown produce. Plant lettuce in carrots in a sunny area of the garden and keep them moist. If space or the theme of your garden does not allow, then plant them in containers (half wine barrels are ideal). Make sure the area has sufficient sun. The soil should be amended with a rich compost. The plants need to be kept moist until grown. If space is not an issue, create a tee pee out of bamboo sticks with tomatoes growing on them.

Strawberries and spinach are also relatively easy to grow. Children love to taste mint and it can make an instant addition, as well as being welcome in most cocktails. The veggie patch will also provide an ideal area for hiding the eggs, which can be eaten relatively guilt free after all the healthy home grown produce has been consumed. The excitement can be raised by adding a scarecrow, or relating to Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor’s garden. Have fun watching them grow and enjoying them. Wishing everyone a very blessed Easter!