Drought Gardening 

The fun about gardening is the continual changes that occur in the garden….some more challenging than others! Gardening with limited water can be very challenging, but can also be a worthwhile opportunity to plan ahead and not end up with the same challenges again next year.



Limit cutting of your lawn unless really necessary. Do not remove more than 30% of the total leaf blade in any one cut. Make sure your mower is sharp so that the plant does not loose additional moisture through “chewed” edges. If you are able to water give deep soaking rather than frequent short waterings. 

General garden care

Mulch mulch mulch. The more mulch the more moisture retention. Don’t be tempted to prune back.  Nature has a way of dealing with the drought in the most effective way possible. Once there is sufficient water then prune the dead stuff off. Remember that pruning encourages new growth which is not what you need. The exception to this is if you have transplanted some existing plants then prune back excessively to prevent excess moisture loss through the wilting leaves.

Now is a great time to plant water wise plants to replace those that are too high maintenance or requiring too much water. Plan new features and repair any irrigation leaks so that you are prepared for when  things normalize. 

We have a special stress spray for plants to help them cope during these times and assist them to look their best.  For this and any other gardening requirements please don’t hesitate to contact Catscapes landscapes to create the garden of your dreams.