Container Gardening

Growing plants in pots brings a whole new dimension to gardening, bringing interest to dull areas and adding colour and variety. A pair of beautiful pots can frame an entrance and make it feel welcoming. Containers secured to walls add a vertical element to the space.


Well planted pots bring the garden onto the patio or into the courtyard. It is essential to keep the style of your pot in mind when selecting plants to fill it. Most plants can grow well in pots if the plants are well suited to that position in terms of light and water. Ensure that there are drainage holes at the bottom of the pot to prevent it becoming waterlogged and always remember that container plants need a little more water than plants in the ground. Feed your pot plants regularly for growth and prune back to keep them nice and bushy.

If you have always wanted a vegetable garden but don’t have the space – why not try some herbs and vegetables in pots in your courtyard? As long as there is sufficient sun you could regularly be harvesting home grown vegetables from right outside your back door!

It is not always easy to achieve just the look you want and mistakes can be costly so please do not hesitate to call Chris of Catscapes Landscapes for friendly professional horticultural advice on 083 225 7451 or please visit our website