Christmas Gardening

” Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your banches”


There is no better time to get your garden gloves on, and give yourself and your family the gift that keeps on giving.


Instead of spending the GDP of a small country on a conventional tree, consider the indigenous option. The most popular traditional looking choice is the Yellowwood (Podocarpus falcatus). It is an evergreen tree which can be easily transplanted into the garden once it has completed its festive function, or keep it in the pot for the following year (they make very attractive pot plants). It has tiny dark green foliage. It is very slow growing which makes it ideal to be used for a number of years. It should be kept during the year in semi shade

Another great choice (if somewhat unusual) is the Cape gardenia (Rothmania capensis) . It is a very attractive small indigenous tree. It has shiny dark green leaves and flowers from December to March. As like its European cousin it has a beautiful fragrance. It will do best in full sun.

Should you wish to go all indigenous, spray paint different seed pods to make the decorations, add sequins and glitter. Berries, fruit and cones can be added to create interest.


A plant makes a great Christmas gift. For those fortunate to have large gardens, the Tree Wisterea makes a lovely gift, and for those that don’t, a perfect gift is some Rock Roses in a glass container.

Should you be entertaining, it is essential that your garden is looking its best. If you have to fill in with plants, rather choose larger varieties. If you are not set on indigenous, hydrangeas and Fuchsias are very rewarding this time of year. If you want to go more indigenous, there are a wonderful selection of water wise sun loving succulents or perennials such as Felicias, agapanthus, Freylinea and more shade loving plants like Plectranthus, Makaya bella, ferns which will create a wonderful display.

Whatever you decide to do in the garden, make sure you enjoy it to the full! Grab a cocktail and soak up the beautiful holiday weather and the natural beauty we are so blessed with in this country. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for all your garden requirements.