Chris Williams’ Top Hanging Basket Tips

Let us explore an often forgotten aspect of the landscape which can add interest, and a different dimension to the garden. A summer garden is often enhanced by the sight of beautiful hanging baskets providing colour at different heights in the garden.

Hanging baskets, assist you to utilise all your available space. With hanging baskets you can brighten up a sunny wall, or with the right choice of plants, even add colour to those tricky shady areas. And remember that when choosing which hanging baskets to buy, size IS everything! The bigger the basket, the bigger the spread and height of the display
Always use a good quality weed free compost as plants grown in a small area need the best possible start.
Choose the right plants for baskets; not all plants are suitable. Make sure that you select long flowering varieties and plants with scent.

Plant up your baskets in Sring and early Summer to allow the plants to establish before putting your baskets outside
Use non ionic wetting agents to assist with lowering the water requirements.

Side planting is essential to grow an avalanche of colour. Any basket under 38cm makes this difficult. Dont be tempted by cheaper, smaller baskets – they’ll dry out a lot quicker

Use coir matting or moss to seal the basket and to give it a natural look.

To have interesting baskets all year round, it’s essential to have two sets so that you dont have to wait for your summer baskets to finish flowering before planting up your winter

The removal of all the first flowers, as well as pinching shoot tips, will enable the plant to put all of its efforts into growing stronger roots and in turn, will lead to a lot of flowers throughout the long season.

Water regularly throughout the season, being particularly vigilant in hot weather.

Regular maintenance is essential to grow a stunning basket to last the season. Deadheading and trimming when the plants start to look straggly will encourage healthy growth and new flowers.

Use indigenous succulents for a more maintenance friendly dramatic display

Sit back on the patio and enjoy!