Central Park New York – How to get your own garden theme from the Landscape Masters

Central Park is famous for its expansive lawns, woodlands, waterfeatures, Gazebos, rose gardens and magnificent trees. Clipped manicured shrubs with wild clumps of trees are the way to go. Should your property be large enough, secret gardens will compliment the setting. It is a “natural” managed look.

Courtesy of Pintrest

The rose gardens are world famous. A feature, such as the water feature in Central Park normally donimates the centre of the rose garden and is the focal point.

Care must be taken, when designing a garden based on the Central Park theme, that there are object/s of interest so that the eye does not drift lazily across the landscape, but rather settles on an area/structure of interest.

Courtesy of Pintrest

Rolling lawns with feature trees are central to this theme. Pavers and benches bring the theme together. Gazebos can be used to great effect, to bring instant height to the landscape, as well as being functional.