August Gardening

With Spring around the corner it is time to finish the planning and start implementing the practices which are going to allow Catscapes Landscapes create the garden of your dreams.

All pruning should now be complete and an application of lime sulphur should be applied.

All early needed summer vegetables and annuals should be sown in a sheltered seedbox. Red salvuas can now also be seeded but must be protected till September.

Let Catscapes Landscapes come and refresh your beds with our weed free compost made from worm casts.


New shrubs, roses, fruit trees can now be planted. Perennials can now be divided and replanted into borders.

If you haven’t already, book Catscapes Landscapes to come and scarify your lawn and top dress or fertilise it. Water your evergreen lawns.

Ant infestations not treated in March should now be treated. Let Catscapes Landscapes treat all your aphid problems in your conifers

Let Catscapes Landscapes create the garden of your dreams…happy gardening